Stuttgart Phonix Hall

February 15, 2018


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Dr. WALSER Dental GmbH again among the 100 most innovative companies in the German medium-sized businesses. The nationwide company comparison has the ‘ top 100’ result. Lothar Spath, former Minister President of Baden-Wurttemberg, awarded the coveted seal of approval of the company from Radolfzell at a ceremony in Stuttgart Phonix Hall. “” “” The mentor of the SME project pays tribute to the success of Dr. Walser dental in the five Central categories of innovation success”innovation climate”, innovative processes and organisation”, innovations top management”as well as innovation marketing”. Especially for their innovative services and products earned the Radolfzeller which already belong to the second time in a row to the innovation elite, top marks.

“So was the manufacturer of dental instruments in Berlin already in the top 3 of the international best factory Award” selected and awarded as one of the best companies in its class. Shortly afterwards the company in Stuttgart by Minister Pfister was and Bishop Dr. Prince honored for its social responsibility. Nominated for the Oscar is currently”of the middle class. So, Dr.

WALSER Dental GmbH with the Walser matrices has developed an instrument that facilitates the work of many dentists. Carious teeth can be filled easily with the help of self exciting matrices, which automatically adapt to each tooth. The O-form matrices can be used for single-sided deep caries for all tooth profiles are recent coup. Time is the crucial factor that makes so successful the company of dental specialists. Time invested in the company in his new developments? So, much of the work time is used for developing new ideas. Also the company for its customers takes time. And you save time ultimately because Lake Constance’s products are so easy to use. A recipe for success, which goes on: The matrices and special pliers are exported to over 80 countries and used by tens of thousands of dentists around the world. Mentor of the project is Lothar Spath. Project partners are the Fraunhofer Society for the advancement of applied research e. V., the RKW rationalisation and innovation centre the German economy e. V., the Association of the electrical engineering electronics information technologies (VDE) and the Association of German engineers (VDI). The Suddeutsche Zeitung is a media partner. The academic Director is Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke of the Institute for entrepreneurship and innovation of the Vienna University of economics. Dr. WALSER Dental GmbH Claudia of r. 78315 Radolfzell photos see: