January 14, 2018


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After several years at the University there is a job to him this waiting for a salary of 5 thousand dollars, or at least of one thousand dollars. Really is studying a lot of competition in jobs race. We have that you try to be the best. It is not discouraging it, my proposal is that you may have a job for 5 thousand dollars a month after the end of his career. Just now starting to form its database, its portfolio of contacts, employers, clients, companies and services.

You use email, participates in social networking and study what you like. You don’t need more, in addition to a computer with Internet access and know how to use it, it is all you need. He has, and you need yourself, and right here is the difficulty. Find what you really like, and write about it, is not easy; worry about the needs of others nor is it, and is just what will you do when you’re a professional; Why not do it now? Don’t need your profession to get to manage to be professional, what will do when did you finish?, job search, this is to make a database of employers, companies, consumers, etc would be relations public? Flare us you professional relationships. Professional relationships what is being sought is to know, show how much can be useful for some company; how much can produce, so competent are, etc.

All of this can already begin to do so. Your employer might this also now studying at any other University, or perhaps already know it. What you learn in College is just 10% of your success. The 90% is in how you treat people, already saw in previous articles. To the grain, increases your contacts on social networks, captivating them with the topics that you like and people are looking for. Your profession is productive, many study it, then many seek information thereon; you could be one of those who produce information. It shows that you’re studying something for your relationships?, or just study for you, your home and the University; engage in a profession is to accept a mode life, relationships and ways of thinking.