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April 5, 2014


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On the European market, the illegal trade increasing robbery wood. Asia furniture, such as opium tables, sideboards and cabinets have at the present time many Germans in in their living rooms. Such furniture are often made of tropical hardwood in Laos, Viet Nam, or Kambodsche. If the garden furniture or tables at the hardware store are offered in the online shop, then of course without giving reasons, the hardwood was embarked in which region and under what conditions. Many stories that could expose Asian furniture about its origin, would intimidate some inclined interested to purchase the Asian furnishings, because words such as ‘illegal’, ‘unauthorized’ and ‘Exploitation of human beings’ would occur. The wood robbers on the track as example are now the countries of Laos, Cambodia and Viet Nam. Between Laos, Cambodia and Viet Nam the rainforest is according to the law, which means that the beating of trees is unlawful.

Nevertheless saw Asian loggers undisturbed through the Woods and steal woody plants. Timber thieves steal not only the hardwood, as the illegal forest workers destroy the breeding ground of their livelihoods the ecological basis of the forest and the animals of the forest. Large local companies, which make Asian furniture pieces such as opium tables, chests and tables, bribe the Laotian military. In the North of Viet Nam is currently ready to fight. Residents of villages from their forests, wood is stolen, make organizations and boots on patrol against the illegal loggers.

With their home-made hunting rifles, they hunt the better equipped illegal forest workers who hack piece the stability and diversity of the primeval forest. The facilities of the villagers only consists of ten mopeds, some a few bottles filled with fuel, a cooking pot and a bag of rice. If the self-proclaimed justice hunters hear the screech of the huge chain saws in the jungle, starts the baiting with mopeds by muddy valleys and dense green. Once far into the forest, one of the banned sawmills is discovered, it is quickly zerstortt to the safety of the already damaged jungle. The leaders of the timber mafia are headquartered in Viet Nam, where the timber is processed into Asian furnishings such as secretaries, beds and chairs but certainly not in the Laotian jungle. In Viet Nam, the excessively felled wood becomes legal goods. In neighbouring Viet Nam, there is no law on the protection of the forest. There is neither a ban on wood pallet in the neighbouring country illegally still import ban for robbery wood. Many manufacturing facilities in the port city of Hanoi fabricate Asian sideboards, cabinets and chests of drawers for sale abroad, as well as for marketing in our country. Asian furniture anyone interested in should seek information from the dealer itself before the acquisition of home accessories from Asia about the origin as also varieties of wood in Asia. The Internet shop results in Asia living Studio Asian home accessories that were not fabricated from Vietnamese robbery wood.