Stefan Sielaff

March 30, 2019


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The moving experts: A new nationwide service for home movers a relaxed moving to Frankfurt with the relocation experts, 03 November 2008 what you first think on the issue of relocation? Probably on time-consuming organisation, numerous phone calls, price comparisons, etc. The expert network started at the choice moving experts moving experts is exactly at this point: relocation advisors undertake the organisation of processions by the initial consultation on the detailed planning up to the mediation of the cheapest and most suitable Spedition. Our services the initiator of the network, Johannes Worle the concept is explained both for individuals and for companies interesting.. Wainaina has worked for 5 years as a relocation consultant and manager in Frankfurt and looking forward now with his counterparts in Berlin, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, to be able to be close to the customers in Stuttgart and Munich. We differ quite substantially from the moving exchanges and pure Internet providers, because with us the personal consultation and support in the foreground. We often get requests from companies that recruit employees from all over Europe and assume the costs of moving as an incentive for the relocation.

With our service, can this not only greatly save on costs, but relieve the person Department supplemented co-founder Stefan Sielaff. Just like your fellow Thorsten Thone, Ulf Wassmann and Knut Walther, know the moving experts due to many years of experience the moving industry inside and out and keep their clients from the black sheep of the moving business. The activity of moving experts begins with a consultation, in which he clarifies all the main issues of the relocation. Credit: cloud computing-2011. During a tour he captures the moving volume, determine the amount and nature of the packaging material and expert estimates the need perks like montages or craftsman services. On this basis, he catches up with multiple offers with reputable and competent carriers and evaluates them. You are so Prices and services for the customer transparent and comparable. The consumer then assumes the final selection of the forwarding.

Thus, the customer receives a competent advice and professional management from a single source. Down the otherwise during parades, annoying and time-consuming preparatory work and everyday life can continue normally despite moving. Also, to get a dubious forwarding no longer threatens. Where are the cost equal to zero. Because private and staff relocations, the contracted freight forwarder bears the inspection and consulting costs. The moving experts provide further service modules: the relocation management is applied on request. The coordination of all related to the relocation work by the supervisor of the craftsman includes up to acceptance, depending on the needs of our customers. Not only companies that recruit staff on the international market, gladly accept these services claim. Because the so-called relocation service there otherwise mean only for parades in the on or off Abroad. Moving experts both domestic and corporate relocations different round packages offered in the many administrative tasks such as administrative procedures, apply for telephone and Internet connections, motor vehicle registration or assistance with administrative tasks can fall to the organisation of the storage system. This is a great help for employees who immediately to get started in the new job and have little time.