August 20, 2013


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The flowers have a great significance in the life of the people by its colors, flavors, shapes and values that can be expressed; but they also have a great relevance the appearance of flowers in dreams, post that depending on the flower, its color and display mode is indicated a meaning of flowers in dreams. An overview of the meaning of flowers in dreams, when they appear in dreams full of colors, they act as a representation of kindness, compassion, sensitivity, pleasure, beauty and of obtaining profit. Stressing on the characteristic of perennials and flowers full of colours in the occurrence of dreams, on many occasions this represents expressions of love, of joy and happiness; they can also be a sign of perfection through the spiritual search. The meaning of flowers in dreams when they are of different kinds, colors and shapes, serve as a representation of the output of a given economic situation, giving way to the change in the financial situation, which means great improvements, abandoning the concerns that mean bad economic situations. In those cases in which the flowers appear in dreams in a State I wither or as if they were dead, the meaning of this will be the arrival of different situations that have caused great disappointment and sadness. These same wilted flowers in dreams can also have as meaning that in real life that has not made use of the full potential that it has, because of different factors, is because such potential or there is some thing that limits make use of all the capabilities that are unknown. In those cases in which within a dream a person performs a gift such as a bouquet of flowers, this means that such a person has respect for one, since the delivery of a bouquet of flowers, is a sign of respect, like that of admiration and recognition towards the person who makes delivery.

In dreams in which flowers occur in the middle of a desert, or on any type of terrain that does not have fertile ground, such floral presence conditions has the value that despite major problems and the influence of people who seek to do evil and make more difficult the situation, thanks to the energy and positive attitude that has will overcome all the obstacles that arise along the way. Within a dream, flowers are being collected, if to present a unique opportunity in life and that therefore cannot be escape, as it may lead to losing money to the abandonment of such an opportunity. When is this dreaming with a large plot, full of mud, dirt, without any kind of vegetation and time note that the growth of flowers gives, its value within the life may mean that you will have a sad experience and caused great sorrow, but with great strength and willingness to address such a situation, is achieving positive change the negative effects.