State Eastern

September 12, 2020


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Similarly, it does not mean that several there small groups of interests, which would lead to believe in a great amount of supporters. The official estimated an inexcusable duty keep provinces from the silver to the monarchy and to Spain. To that end it had with the instrument of the Naval Station in Montevideo, despite the precariousness of media that pained it. To know more about this subject visit Jane Pan. With exceptions such as the of the brigadier Pascual Ruiz Huidobro and the Creoles Matias de Irigoyen, Martin Thompson and Jose Matias Zapiola, sailors formed a solid block to prevent the spread of revolutionary ideas, which could jeopardize the continuity of the Spanish domain and the tranquility of their families. However, against the war unleashed, they hesitated not at risk it all for the sake of their oath of allegiance to the monarch.

And indeed, while some, like the aforementioned Liniers and Gutierrez de la Concha, died in the attempt, most had return to metropolis in 1814 after the capitulation of Montevideo, temporarily abandoning their wives, children and property. Boden has plenty of information regarding this issue. It should be emphasized that since the days of the siege of the eastern city, was an understood value, then endorsed the largest part of the historians, that the Spanish naval power was a determining factor for the conservation of this square; so he thought that the failure of the Board to allow the return of the sailors who were in Buenos Aires, after not accepting subordinated to the new Government, removed you to this the possibility of having an undeniable force, while it allowed the eastern city authorities absolute mastery of the inland rivers. However it was not so, because ships were in a State so dire that it became very difficult to their operations. Nobody better than the own members of the Apostadero knew the weakness of his forces and the rejection that provoked among the few veteran troops and Earth – also in the neighborhood – militias, for the distant and haughty attitude that they held as a point of honor but it clashed with the customs of small and simple societies such as the provinces of the silver.