Spiritual Event

July 22, 2020


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The midwife Angela Shepherd Deschner offers spiritual birth in Heidelberg, Speyer, Germersheim and Bruchsal for women or couples In the weekend seminar or in individual sessions, expectant parents can deal with the spiritual aspects of fertility, conception, pregnancy and birth. Regardless of a specific religion, the issue from a general spiritual point of view is explained and complemented with exercises for awareness and self-awareness. Pregnancy and childbirth accompanied not only with physical and psychological changes. Many pregnant women report a sensitivity for subtle energies that would have kept them up to date not possible for. During and after the birth of her own daughter Angela Shepherd Deschner has had such experiences and found to their vocation. The newly arrived souls she wants to allow the best possible transition from the spiritual into the physical world.

This requires parents, the spiritually open and full of creative responsibility are aware. Regardless of a specific religion, but under the premise of eternal life and the transmigration of souls and reincarnation the spiritual birth preparation will allow, inter alia, that children will remember your skills and experiences from the own spiritual presence, as well as from previous lives. Before it spills from false dogmas, values and beliefs, this knowledge is still present in the vast majority young children. Potential can be identified by open parents early enough, and it can be promoted. Science-based and with a solid background in the field of quantum physics, biology, Epigenetics and Physiology, parents get many suggestions for the creative and conscious design of pregnancy and birth. Meanwhile, many reputable scientists such as the biophysicist Dr. Dieter Broers and the biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton agree that cosmic events have a direct impact on human consciousness and our development as a complex biological systems. At the time we experience is an increased solar activity, which suggests that humanity is nearing a change of consciousness, or that is already in progress.