South Community

August 20, 2020


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I so sane, and therefore wanted to my classroom classmates saw the Majesty that is the apu, from where you can watch all the apus of the cordillera until the pariacaca which is in the South of lima. I delight to see them as they enjoyed the scenery and peace that he felt in their hearts. I also felt comforted with the good intention for them. Many photos and some videos were taken so that you have as a reference for our visit. I I always visit it when I want to look beyond my present. I recently inspired a new prophecy that came out just as I sensed it. The betrayal of the community of the cob to Sapa Apu Inka.

Only that the Apu Iroz will punish them for their affront, so patience to myself that the same Apu will make them reflect their disorder. After sharing, some dishes with the guardians of the Apu and do the respective offerings we went toward the community of Caypanda, where he lives a very spiritual man, known as don Goyito, but before we pass through don Santos who is one of the few who know how to weave to the Sapa Inca and also for the runes, is not well known since it says that Western man must not know their secrets despite the fact that already in you tube you I put despite their opposition, because it is a living relic of the history of our peoples, with the way that knows the tissues and their meanings, which were taught him through many generations and today there who wants to put as an apprentice. My goal and thought was rescuing the This tissues amauta knowledge, seems that the Apu not wanted or who knows you want this knowledge is lost and only I and the community know it I seemed it much, but, because I don’t have enough time, if I had not put as his apprentice, despite his opposition. You have me too much respect as well when we arrived at la posada de don Goyito, all riot and immediately with your huarmi put is to cook for all visitors. The preparation of Guinea pig is different from other communities, since they have to season with achiote, stick and chicha de jora the grasses native to the community that make it different and that only they know apart from their offspring mature included. So we all ate and as deference give them what brought the Chala, and the Amazon area such as different fruits that doesn’t grow in your community, which forms part of the buffer zone of the reserve of Calipuy.