Source Irrigation

August 26, 2013


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Another factor for not wasting water is in the irrigation system that we use. We generally use the manual watering, but there are other mechanical methods that allow the saving of water. The first is that it is commonly used in all the houses, we simply load a container (a bottle, a pitcher, a kettle, etc.) and we pour water into the pots in direct form. For this system, there are some considerations that may be useful, such as for example the use of a shower (or any household item which) work similarly, as it can be boring a bottle cap and irrigate with that) so that the water falls as rain and without violence. In my case, sometimes even irrigation with a spray bottle or vaporizer (the one that is used for hair or clothes). In addition, for the same reason, it is best done as closely as possible (many times by not leaning, sheds much height water and this breaks ground, splashing water (and nutrients, etc.).) In what refers to where water, we must avoid wetting the leaves, is irrigated around the plant. But in addition to the manual, there are different mechanical systems of irrigation, in some cases with greater capacity for water saving and maintaining humidity, in addition to other advantages. Obviously, each which has its pros and cons, so ideally, you find the suitable for our situation (availability of time, financial resources, access to water, etc.) The idea is to go by presenting them with the time; in the next installment, drip irrigation.