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March 14, 2014


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The manufacturer Xoreax Ltd. appoints SOS software service to his master distributor. Incredibuildr solution, the Israeli manufacturer addresses the developer market. Incredibuildr allows users to accelerate the compile to the 30 times. Developers can dramatically reduce your development time and significantly accelerate the time-to-market. SOS software service GmbH with its headquarters in Augsburg is specialized in the distribution of software products for 26 years. SOS offers its wide range of developer tools, software service, customers in terms of developer products all from one source. SOS software service offers its customers German-speaking customer service representative, fast and flexible support to projects, payments in euro with different payment terms, and much more.

Eyal Maor, Managing Director of Xoreax Ltd.: Intel premium partner and long-time certified Microsoft Visual Studio partner has the SOS software service the competence and understanding of our business, the we us by our partner wish you. We have this experience and knowledge of the market reflected for us daily in the professional collaboration with the entire team of the SOS again.”In development tools already a very large portfolio. There are no longer many manufacturers on the market that can still complete this portfolio. “At Xoreax was different: we have seen Incredibuildr and we knew immediately that we have to do it here with a software solution that the market needs us.” Mr Joaquim Moreira says dos Santos, CEO of SOS software service. Incredibuildr – acceleration platform for developers with Incredibuildr reduce their development time developers and development tools accelerate up to 30 times. So can users better concentrate on bringing to market and save valuable time and money. IncrediBuilds unique parallel processing solution allows developers reach just significantly faster builds.

Transform your network into a virtual supercomputer users with Incredibuildr and accelerate slower CPUs, also if this just be used. This is new hardware required nor users need to customize the source code. Xoreax Ltd. Xoreax software solutions designed to accelerate development processes. Especially for software applications Windows based focus Incredibuildr software on the acceleration of the so-called build process. Every developer knows the problem of waiting until builds have been created. Incredibuildr these waiting times are significantly shortened and accelerates time-to-market. Currently over 100.00 users in over 2,000 companies with Incredibuildr work. More information: SOS software service GmbH value-added distribution that SOS software service GmbH was founded in July 1987 and specializes in the sales and distribution of software, software procurement and licensing advice. We distribute software from over 1,000 manufacturers with 70,000 articles. Every day we extend our software portfolio, software of from all manufacturers to offer a hand.