Someone Is Never There When You Need It!

January 12, 2018


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Is anybody there? -Out there on the phone? Get vague answers to their questions, because obviously nobody authorized or is able to make a unique statement. Right now, in this difficult economic situation you experienced something, but no one really knows what it is. At the same time, these useless operations cost much time, time that you could use much better in other areas of a company. Accountability is the decisive factor. An important reason is the active responsibility of people for things or areas. To explain, one must distinguish between Department-internal and interdepartmental operations within a company. Businesses are built on a certain size of departments.

A staff structure with a responsible line exists within these departments. This structure provides the ideal State for that work the Department’s internal operations. When it comes to it, no one is responsible Anders it behaves with cross-departmental things. Classic examples are the Organization of delegates, presence and absence, illness, vacation or authorization concepts. Here, no single Department is concerned, because these things affect all employees equally. A division of the Organization could be responsible that but in most companies no longer or only on the paper is. In recent months, Bernard Golden has been very successful. Usually the head or the commercial management is responsible. Unfortunately, the raised areas mostly as secondary be viewed daily business seems to be much more important.

Only if problems escalate, if E.g. frequent complaints from customers about it, that no one is to reach by phone, is a quickly arranged solution found in the rush process and implemented. Since this solution is not continuously further developed, it becomes obsolete usually 2 days after introduction already. But it holds up to the next escalation. The team is the best way to deal with a solution to this problem lies in the Management technology help themselves\”. The processes can be solved best and there, where they cause problems, namely when and by the employees themselves.