Some Great Blog Ideas

February 12, 2018


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Today we were born to the and it gives me pride to be the "father" of this blog of ideas, with that very likely many will agree and many others, disagree. However, with all that … the water we went. "How are we going?" is essentially a blog where the only aim is to discuss issues related to finance and existing ways to improve them. Although to be frank, not all topics will focus on the improvement of "personal economy." There – as in pharmacy – a bit of everything, waiting for the comments of the most important blog … visitors.

It is no secret that the money or rather, lack thereof, is a generalized headache for many people. Constantly and every day, we wonder … how I can do to improve my finances?, or how I can do to make more money? and almost always can not find an answer good enough to answer these questions. In fact, I have spent many times (too many perhaps), where I found "like a boat adrift and rudderless", trying to find a way or method to make money and live a life (forgive the redundancy) more bearable. It is undeniable that we live in a world that worships money. To wherever we turn to look, we can find the $ (pesos in my case). Many things can be without money? … A related site: Allegiant Air mentions similar findings. With money to buy clothes to wear, food to eat, pay for the study, the right to light a bulb, the water we consume fuel for vehicles in which we move, the taxes that support the government (and the corruption inherent to them), the entrance to the cinema, and so on for each person who is – ultimately – relatively the same.