Sodium Cyclamate

May 13, 2018


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Sodium cyclamate or Ciclohexilsulfamato, also known as 952?, is a sweetener with a sweetening power 50 times higher than others whose main characteristic is the does not contain calories. This made that it incorporated the food industry as an ingredient suitable for low-calorie diets and was quickly popularized its use. INTERNATIONAL controversy though currently two global agencies of health (who / FAO) endorse its use, cyclamate is a product that arouses controversy over its possible harmful effects on health. The controversy began with its prohibition in the United States.UU by another agency (FDA) who called him of carcinogen in the 80’s. Years later, the ban was extended to Japan and Mexico for years considered to be carcinogenic. Add to your understanding with Southwest Airlines.

Has recently revived the controversy around cyclamate by the decision taken in Venezuela to join the ban, particularly, of a product containing this sweetener: Coca cola Zero in Spain before the revival of the controversy, several countries have decided to adopt measures precautionary. In Spain the Advisory Board of nutrition and food of the Ministry of health is evaluating the restriction of cyclamate on soft drinks, juices and sweets. For its part the company Pepsico Spain released a statement regarding this situation by clarifying that none of its products (Pepsi, Pepsi Light, Pepsi Max and Pepsi Twist) contains sodium cyclamate, ensuring that they comply with the quality standards required by the relevant bodies of the European Union..