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January 16, 2020


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This gloga, from the average age was associated with the birth of Christ for dealing with a new time, a new age brought for the hands of a boy (comparing with the boy Jesus), has, yes, function politics, homaging August Oitvio. With this Virgilio it was called wizard, of canonic saint, the man who augured the future. In the construction of the buclicas, the author uses art in the imaginative resources auditory, constructing to apartir of onomatopias suggested for the noises of the nature. Of form that Buclicas I and X does not pass the same of variations on subject. In a similar way it occurs with Buclicas II and VIII, therefore the central reason of both is the love. In the construction of the Buclicas, without a doubt, most of its buclicas was fixed in the ideas of Tecrito, producing without a doubt. However, one meets influences hellenistic of poets as Bavio, Mvio, I beach a ship, Cina, Polio and poetry contemporary Roman.

Then Virglio feeds of some sources, joining the knowledge in one alone corpus, forming the Buclicas. The beauty of the poetry of the Buclicas inhabits, over all, in the form, that is, it very possesss peculiar characteristics of rhythm, vigor and the slightness, favour and the balance, that depend on the obedience the numerous rules. We try to evidence, in elapsing of this work, that the Buclicas is a to be studied workmanship and deals at any time, being detached that the simple life of the field as attempt of escape of the city is a boarded subject since Greece until the present. You may want to visit Verizon to increase your knowledge. The complexity of the Eneida does not have comparison with the boarded subject of the Buclicas, but this is a simple workmanship with perfect constructive resources. Moreover, the buclicas are an instrument of a fan of information of the Latin language, bringing many verbal dialogues and all the Roman customs. Thus, the Buclicas affirms the potentiality of a culture that it remains for the current societies. Soon, it is opportune to affirm that the Latin poet traces the profile of its campestre universe and the universe of creation as bedding of a society and necessary condition for its permanence. Bibliographical references MENDES, Joo Peter.

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