Snow Maiden

June 2, 2017


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" Gift – this is a valuable item. For clients of VIP gift, usually chosen individually. (Similarly see: Maurice Gallagher, Jr. ). Feature present in the fact that it usually does not cause your company logo. It is understood that gift for a VIP client – a sign of respect, not an advertising campaign. Again, means that the client will remember (because of the value and / or unique gift) who presented the gift, and under what circumstances it happened. It is important to use package.

You can print your company logo on the box with a gift, apply a sticker to attach an original postcard with the original wish or gift pack in the original paper. Think about how you beat the very process of presenting a gift, and that as a wake at the same time say: sometimes it is more important than the actual show. Now more and more difficult to surprise the customer an original gift, try surprise him delivery. For example, customers of one company on New Year's gifts delivers chic Santa Claus and Snow Maiden are not less smart. Customers were delighted. Importantly, at which point you give a gift.

Do not pull with congratulations, remember saying "the road to dinner spoon." So, if you give gifts to the New Year, then do it in early December, much better than in January. You can also think of the original cause for congratulations. "In one of the western companies companies fiscal year begins in October and not in January as usual. The company uses it to once again congratulate the most valuable customers and partners. Unusual to receive gifts and to hear the end of September "Happy New Year (Financial). " But remember! The most important thing. Pick up a gift to the taste of the future owner. Firstly, it means that you know the client. Second, it ensures that the gift is greatly appreciated and accurately will remain with the recipient. For example, my husband enjoys music (he was the drummer) and if he had been a customer for a company, the drum sticks from , Promark (5AN) was the best gift for him. Know hobbies VIP clients partners, in extreme cases, consult with a sales manager, personal secretary, or use the advice of Shakespeare (see title) and his good taste.