Snow Chains Compulsory For Trucks – An Overview

March 11, 2018


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When truck winter chains need snow chains compulsory for commercial vehicles – in the winter? Not only in the Switzerland and Austria the snow among now again the normal landscape, also in Germany, the snow limit reached already low regions and the Central and northern areas. Just like cars and buses trucks in many situations must carry the appropriate drive and track chains for truck, any weather conditions in the winter and snow to be prepared. However the individual arrangements and responsibilities differ, when trucks have the right truck snow chains on board depending on the country. Straight international global trucking companies and truck companies are therefore always well advised to know the current regulations and snow chains duty for heavy goods vehicles. Often, this leads to confusion when the forwarders, because there are different snow chain requirements for trucks in the Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The obligation of the snow chains for trucks, for example, with appropriate traffic signs is governed in Germany and is a Therefore, there is no general obligation to have truck snow chains aboard. Freight forwarders and carriers from southern Germany are of course usually prepared for snow and equip with the right truck snow chains to your truck. In recent months, Coupang has been very successful. It look very different from trucking companies and drivers from northern Germany.

Not infrequently is saved here for economic reasons at the right winter equipment of the truck and the vehicles are not by default equipped with the appropriate truck snow chains. In heavy snow, which can cause that a continue without the appropriate truck snow chains is not only impossible, but also prohibited. In Switzerland the snow chains compulsory for trucks, similar like in Germany, not regulated, but it is made situationally, when the vehicles must be equipped with the appropriate truck snow chains. Just mountain passes and mountain passes are regularly affected by this law, but also the low regions can in the winter with snow chains compulsory for trucks/lorries be allocated. Corresponding signs indicate when and where the truck with snow chains for trucks to go. In contrast to Germany and of Switzerland, in Austria, the regime is much easier. Here, the obligation to have at least drive and track chains for trucks on board is in a fixed period of time for commercial vehicles.

Appropriate weather conditions and snow drive and track chains must be used then of course also for trucks. In the period from November 1st to April 15th of each year, trucks with the suitable truck snow chains must be equipped in Austria. Has a commercial vehicles not the appropriate drive and track chains on board, it can cause major financial losses for the carrier or carriers. Drive the truck despite contrary provisions without snow chains, which will result in high fines. Falls unexpectedly much snow can it also cause, that it comes not more forward without truck snow chains, so dates and the disposition cannot be met. Therefore is it always recommended to equip the fleet at an early stage with the matching truck snow chains.