Snack Export Company

May 7, 2021


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However, trends in distribution suggest that sooner or later the producers will transfer part of distribution process outsourcing – actually all logistic services will move into the hands of the distributor. And among the distributors will survive only those companies who can provide a single set of logistics, small, Regional companies are likely to become extinct. The probability that a successful company-distributor eventually evolve into a production-distribution company, is sufficiently large. If we take, say, the market of alcohol, then most of the largest distribution companies, such as "Megapolis", "Bayadera" td "Market Group (Corporation Logo") and other major national companies, distributors of alcohol in his time, selling products Other companies have sought, naturally, to maximize profits. These distributors already knew the market in terms of sales, director of the companies analyzed in what areas and what more profitable segments work, and successfully launched their own products.

But for this they had to significantly restructure the system of the company: created marketing departments, departments of production, in short, all that structure, which requires the manufacturer. The same trend applies in the opposite direction, when the manufacturing company gradually develops and runs its own distribution network. Take, again, alcohol market: the company "Soyuz-Victan, which initially developed intensively as a manufacturer, and then came to the creation of its distribution system and has succeeded in this direction. The same can be said about Snack Export Company. Creating a distribution based on the manufacturer – a necessary measure may seem that the creation and development of all-Ukrainian network of branches has been an aspiration of Directors Snack Export – In fact it was a necessary measure.