SMEs Challenge

February 22, 2017


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The great companies initiated of zero, with the minimum of employees and the basic resources to produce. Nevertheless, they do not represent the majority, hundreds of small and medians companies fail, do not develop the capacity to become solid businesses and to be developed until reaching a level positions that them in a privileged place. The statistics demonstrate that more of 50% of the SMEs they fail in the first year. Learn more at this site: Cyrus Massoumi. The first company that is constructed requires of a period of much learning, not only it consists of throwing it to walk, but it implies an investment, to let it grow and in addition to learn on the march. He is not simple, if outside it would do everybody it.

It implies a greater challenge, and a challenge for which owns an enterprising spirit. How to obtain that a small company is transformed into a great company? This is the definition that Brad Sugars does of a business: A PROFITABLE COMMERCIAL BUSINESS THAT WORKS WITHOUT MY the objective is to obtain that the owner of business surpasses the stage where has car to be used and it turns into a true owner. The definition of Sugars is simply powerful because it implies in his totality the most important part of the company: THE OWNER. If the owner most of spends his time to be used in his business, when he will be the owner? How he will meet the challenge to see his developing project and in addition enjoy greater freedom financier as personal as much? In order to construct a business it is important that YOU TAKE ACTION NOW. " A commercial business " Action 1. – Money: It is necessary that you have information on your investment, sales and utilities. And to be certainly you receive benefits of your sales. Product This one corresponds to the satisfaction of your clients, and the quality that you offer to them.