SME Venezuelan

September 16, 2014


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The characteristic dynamics of current scenarios constantly manifest major changes, presenting an interesting, full of opportunities, but also threats globalization. The truth, that all this has significantly affected in business management, which has given way to new openings administrative science provides with new tools, to know you use can give way to benefits that favor the operability, participation of enterprises where competitiveness is crucial to assess those that Captivate remain in markets. At present, outsourcing is a fact, all good proactive management strategist, a visionary who knows how to interpret changes, seize the opportunities cannot be ignored. Hence, the importance that schools of administration at the undergraduate and graduate level must know it interpret, provide it to scholars of administrative science, assessing its scope, impact, advantages, obstacles, impact, actors involved and scenarios in where acts. In the particular case that concerns us Professor of managerial topics from quality management specialty graduate program, becomes involved the participant of all that content that should know how to handle when making use of the outsourcing considering its scope and above all the reality where many of the country’s businesses, they face serious survival problems, operational capacity, but also of opportunities. Management should know that you networks advanced, electronic commerce, attention to the customer, solutions integration and migration / evolution of existing systems are some of the activities that most are contracted under the modality of Outsourcing. This tool seeks to learn the experience, skill and objectivity, which are essential to identify the objectives pursued by the Venezuelan companies, like the assurance of the negotiations and the successful management of contracts in order to eligible to be members of the enterprise competitive class in the country, serving as a bridge for the development of the SME Venezuelan and possibly be able to equate with its counterparts in the rest of Latin America and the world. .