Sixty Weeks

January 23, 2018


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In Mateus 25:31 – 46 if see the judgment of the nations and the prelude of the millenium of Christ in the land. You may want to visit Gary Kelly to increase your knowledge. V? The Great Tribulao and the 70 weeks of Daniel? The first question that appears in this point is: which the linking that has between ‘ ‘ Great Tribulao’ ‘ ‘ ‘ The 70 Weeks of Daniel? To answer to this question is necessary to know what he is ‘ ‘ the 70 weeks of Daniel’ ‘ (Dan. 9:24 – 27). Let us analyze this extraordinary prophecy to the light of the sacred Holy Writs: The 70 weeks Daniel was the third vision that had in the first year of Dario, that is, in year 538 the C, or about fifteen years after the Second vision. The prophet of God was praying when suddenly it receives the Vision: ‘ ‘ Seventy Weeks are determined on your people, and your saint city, to make to cease the trespass, and to give end to the sins, and to atone for the iniquity, and to bring perpetual justice, and to stamp the vision and the prophecy, and to ungir the Saint Dos Santos.

It knows and it understands: Since the exit of the order to restore and to build Jerusalem, until the Ungido, the Prince, will have Seven Weeks, and Sixty and two Weeks; the squares and the junks will be rebuilt, but in distressing times. After the Sessentas and two Weeks the Ungido will be cut and it will not be more, and the people of the prince, who has to come, will destroy the city and the sanctuary. Its end will be as flooding: Until the end it will have war and are determined desolations. It will firm an alliance with many per one Week, but in the half of the Week he will make to cease the sacrifice and he offers of cereals..