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October 15, 2015


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What is a customer display? This is commercial equipment that is used to display various information on the cash position (this may be the product name, cost of goods, check amount, deposit amount, advertising, etc.). There certain technical requirements that apply to cash registers in the computer-cash register system (KKS) and cash registers. Namely: in the workplace must display stand buyer. As for printers of checks, then they are easy to manage, work with them requires some specific knowledge and skills to work with them will be able to virtually every employee establishments – just need to carefully read the instructions. Predetermined POS-terminal information to print immediately appear on paper, so the cashier will be able to quickly work with our clients, not to lose precious time at the checkout. Printed check may include not only the name and price of the goods, but also, for example, the name of the institution, information on discounts, thanks for the perfect purchase and any other information. What supplies are needed in order to check printer worked for a long time and regularly? These include checkbook tape, adhesive labels with a special paper for thermal printer, or special forms, print cartridges. The printer can connect automatic cutter checks (for full or partial cutting), recognition of size and type of material, built-in power supply.

Choose this type of printer that's right for it at your institution. What requirements should be bring to a printer when purchased? Note among those reliability, ergonomics, small size, durability, and attractiveness of housing, convenient operation and replacement of consumables. But fiscal Registrants are divided by the width of the used check belt: wide (36-42 characters) and narrow (18-24 characters). In a narrow advantage among the isolated check the price – so the savings on supplies can reach up to 50%. True to narrow the check is almost do not see names of the goods, it is hard to read, a lot of cuts because of brevity. Therefore, in large stores typically use recorders with a wide ribbon checkbook.