Service Treatment

March 29, 2016


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Energy Service (EMS), which employed the victim, is self-autonomy of the structural unit of the plant and reports directly to the principal engineer of Nome. The main objective EMC – to maintain the existing park techno-ray, power equipment and power systems in good working order by timely high-quality repair of mechanical and Ser-, Park maintenance equipment in working order at the required level of accuracy. Workers are organizing periodic medical check-ups on graphic-ku, drawn up in CG and E Partyzansky a Minsk every 2 years. Regular medical check-up will be held in September 2007, according to the list of contingents, near-containing periodic medical examinations from 30.11.2006 36-7.5/794. During the distribution route is established that according to the magazine appeals to the health center MZTMK Gais VI 07/16/2004, and 05/13/2005 was passed out at work due to health condition. In the first case, according to the order 225 from 08.11.2004 to, he was translated into the den as a cleaner area (on the advice of the WCC 122 from 03.11.2004 U.S. "15 City Polyclinic ") during the second case, according to the order 106 from 04.07.2005 to city – was dismissed in accordance with the decision of the court of the Moscow district of Minsk (case 22-1466-2005) in connection with the direction Gaisa VI compulsory treatment in LTP, a period of 12 months. Upon completion of medical treatment in an LTS, in February 2006, Gais, VI, passing a preliminary medical examination was examined by God and Addiction, taking into account the positive outcome of treatment according to Help of 13.02.2006, the b / n issued by the health facility, "15th Minsk city polyclinic 'found fit to work in the profession electrician for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment.