Selling Ring Tones

April 18, 2018


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It's no secret that sales of ringtones, pictures, wallpapers, games for mobile phones just got a giant scale. According to experts in this area annually earn hundreds (think about it, hundreds) millions of dollars to Russia. A reasonable question: 'And what have I done? Can not I just hook into this business? '. Can you still as you can! How? Read on! To sell ring tones and everything else you need three things: 1. Own tunes. Usually a midi or mmf files. 2.

Reservation system and receive payments. 3. Website or any advertising platform (eg, television or newspaper). In principle, paragraphs 1 and 3 are feasible with relative ease. As for the 2 nd item, you will need contracting with a mobile operator, that he gave you the 4-digit number for receiving sms, but the money received for it, translated in some way to you.

Here is something just and appears a major obstacle: the operator regard to contract, to pay a tidy sum, to hire programmers to lease servers, and this is no joke (not to mention the fact that most likely if you come to the office of the cellular operator, you will not want nobody to say, because for such a treaty, obviously, requires serious scale sales, but for a beginner this is unrealistic). So, how can that be? The answer is simple: you come to the rescue of affiliate program, which implements the first two points. 1. Partners themselves provide the content, ie ringtones, pictures and games. 2. All content license. On the internet to a wave of letters from the production centers from the requirement to remove free ringtones from the sites or to conclude with the license agreement. 3. Supported by three main operators: Beeline, Megafon, mts, smarts, and places (not yet on the whole of Russia). Contract with them had already been concluded. For you can only find buyers of games and you'll really earn.