Sascha Krause

August 7, 2019


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The financial advisors with the payout speed of commissions (86,69), as well as the possibility to be able to understand (87,86) career-relevant criteria such as units or sales and commissions directly to the submitted business are exceptionally happy. But show up here too differences between the financial distributors an increase in satisfaction showed especially when smaller financial institutions. Southwest Airlines recognizes the significance of this. This may related to the historical Commission regulations, which are usually more complex with long-established distributors”, says Sascha Krause. Transparency and traceability of the commissions seem even at least as important as their Height to be.” Expandable revealed a heterogeneous image evaluations and staff management the issues distribution controlling with analysis, reporting, and analysis options. The financial advisors are satisfied with the possibilities to get (91,90) or evaluations relating to the sales of the own structure (88.70) static and recurring reports over specific periods of time. For the integration of complex analyses with procedural processes, about automatic analyses and reallocation of unbetreutem stock, the financial service providers in the average rating a very bad (60,36). Significantly decreased also has the satisfaction in the question structure and staff management.

In particular, the consultants criticized the lack of support by a system for acquiring new employees (56,06) as well as the lack of support by an IT system for recruiting within the respective distribution (60,76). Overall, the study shows: to really satisfy their independent financial adviser to and to support, the German financial service providers must make some efforts”Ulrich Fink says. Financial advisors looking for more support about when inventory data management, contract management and recruiting, better analysis and reporting capabilities are also in demand as well as the use of existing information for process control. It was striking that the categories have been assessed very differently. Hardly a financial sales covers satisfactorily all areas.” “” About the study satisfaction of financial advisers ‘ diligent study has satisfaction of financial advisers “carried out between November and December 2011 and to total 3,820 financial advisors of the largest German financial service providers written in. The return was 6,51%. The aspects of customer relationship management, sales support, contract management, Commission management, evaluation/analysis, structure and staff management and parent questions of the interplay between brokers and financial sales companies were examined. In the Unlike conventional surveys differentiates the study between the importance and satisfaction of the queried parameters and thus acquired a special significance: high dissatisfaction with certain parameters can not be counterbalanced namely by satisfaction at less important parameters.