February 21, 2018


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Four years have passed since 13 October 2005, when a group of young men simultaneously attacked several police facilities, located in Nalchik. These events not only shocked the people of the republic, but gave themselves a pain in the the hearts of all Russians. Civilians were killed, police officers, were killed, many attackers. Even after four years from the date of these tragic events, it is difficult to reasonable person to understand what are these people wanted, that striving for. Why are these guys who were supposed to enjoy life and give to others that life, decided at the command of any forces without a murmur, and pointless to take it away from others, mostly strangers, they personally has done nothing wrong? Are still questions that probably no one has not been fully answered. Of course, the bandits sought not capture law enforcement agencies, and even more so – the overthrow of the legitimate authority. Someone trite working out the money received, and the young thugs were just used as a means of working out.

They are called to arms more. It is difficult to understand how a civilized society there are forces that can undermine true faith, to distort the truth and force to take up arms for his father and mother, brother and sister, children and the elderly. Yes, and under the banner of Islam. True Muslims have always brought justice, freedom and humanity. Religion and terrorism – two absolutely incompatible concepts, because all religions without exception, reject terror and curse.