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April 14, 2020


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You can do this by conducting the following experiment: by calling the agency by phone, will provide us some fictitious information and express wishes, which is obviously impossible to find a job. For example, say you a simple driver who wants to change career and get into a major commercial company, preferably in a leadership position, such as "head of the transport service." If you immediately expressed their willingness to help, so cooperation with this agency is inappropriate. If you are asked to leave a deposit before you send in for an interview, take some time to panic. Today, most agencies are protected from the kind of dishonesty customers. One only has to remember that your mortgage is property and should be returned to you.

I should add that if you want to find work through agencies in Russia, then the new law on licensing you have gone one way of assessing its Integrity – to check if the license for employment. If you promise to find job abroad, it makes sense to check the license. However, this criterion was never reliable, and is not suitable for all cases. So, if without a license is almost certainly meant that in front of you cheaters, its presence is far did not mean that it is not. If you decide to cooperate with the agency paid, you will need to take care of contract. You should know that your relationship in this case is governed by the civil legislation of the Russian Federation and have a contract for paid services.