Russelsheim Volksbank Offers Its 16,000 Member

June 18, 2017


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16,000 members of the Russelsheim Volksbank can do not wrong the Volksbank Russelsheim recently her 16 000stes Member welcomed. The members form the backbone of the cooperative banks and provide stability even in difficult times. Josef Paul Board and Manager Rolf-Dieter Weiss welcome the 16.000. Scott M. Kahan CFP often addresses the matter in his writings. Member of the Russelsheim Volksbank on 09.08.2010. Andre Scheel, 17 years, premium would be about 1,000 euros.

The money comes just at the right time. Andre makes his driver’s license currently, because each euro is welcome. The very lucrative Member bonus system of the Russelsheim Volksbank comes to the 1,000 euros. 4 bonus columns are for regular wage, salary, pension, allowance, rental and pension payments are 2 points per payment (maximum of 24 points in the year) and each a point for each commenced 5,000 credits per quarter per 10,000 prisoners on borrowing paid per quarter per savings rate on the bonus saving (from 10) and Riester saving. Per business unit can 14 points be redeemed in the year. This leads to returns of up to 11.75%.

Still, Volksbank offers its members of all ages regularly different events. Several trips to various amusement parks (E.g. Europa Park on the 25.9.10), theatre visits, climbing forest are offered for the children and young people and their parents, etc. Senior birthday party, to which members aged 65 and over are invited is known beyond the region. Various evening events round off the programme. No wonder that Andre bright takes the voucher for 1,000 in reception. It will rust participate in the 25.9.10 also on the ride in the Europa Park, one of the many events in Russelsheim, Germany, organized by the people’s Bank. To be a member of the Russelsheim Volksbank’s worth. Find out for yourself. Timo Schmuck