Robert Jacobi

May 16, 2018


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Insurance of loss of income, employee protection letter and private unemployment insurance. Can you hedge against the loss of earnings? The news is full of reports of factory closures, bankruptcies and short-time working. And so also new importance of protection in case of unemployment or of the failure of the company. The legal protection covers only a portion of the net income (unemployed without children 60%, with one or more children 67% of net income with ALG I). There is a gap of 40 and 33% of final earnings. Not rarely was calculated but financing car TV, kitchen furniture, loan agreements or similar agreements almost. Something is fatal,\”know the operators of the consumer portal, Robert Jacobi. No matter whether you should always first create a budget financing or insurance contract, so you know how much resources are actually available, \”advises the Berlin.

Is often too lightly, a trait of consumers, like used by the economy dealt with new debt. Many consumers are advised by the developments of the economy itself in difficulties. For just those, the lower salaries push the beads of sweat on his forehead, keeps the page 101 tips for saving alone with insurance. To the question why is precisely in this area much saving leave, Jacobi says: most Germans are not suitable for use and thus over-insured. Hardly anyone is aware. \”Because most policyholders don’t care about after graduating to their policies, mucking out could quickly bring some hundred euros, the expert thinks.

Last but not least price comparisons should be carried out regularly. Also it can be made free of charge and with no obligation on the portal. But even borrowers can be helped. The spring air has made who want home to be placed at the heart to not rush in terms of financing. You should always neatly compare. Here, too, many tread still a laborious way from Bank to Bank.