Rio De Janeiro

May 23, 2018


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It analyzes it of this workmanship has intention to detect the paper of the feminine one inside of the same one in view of the great one I transit of this author enters the adolescents of 10 the 14 years age. In other words: she is an author, writing for readers, on relation of two people of the feminine sex: mother and son. Before everything she fulfills to mention the too much workmanships of this author and to make a rank on its biography. Some of its workmanships: She speaks serious, mother; She speaks serious, professor; She speaks serious, love; She speaks serious, friend; Everything for pop-star; Everything for a boyfriend; Everything for a holiday; Treason between friends and a fairy to visit came me. Beyond being writer, she is also journalist and it keeps a column in the Insolent magazine, called Speaks, serious! , Its expression key, and brings up to date one blog and a site, where it keeps the informed reading fans on its work. They are in the promise more two books: It speaks serious, father and one another one, still without heading, that will have a boy as protagonist these are some of the too much workmanships written for this writer, Carioca of Rio De Janeiro journalist formed in right and that it comes being well accepted for the adolescents establishing direct contact with its readers through blogs and presences in biennial. The studied workmanship deals with the experience lived between mother and son of a well peculiar form. History is constructed to all in dialogues between the ngela mother and the son Maria of Lourdes the Malu. The narration is made of the following form: the first part of the book, of the gestation of the Maria of Lourdes until its thirteen years, is told by the mother, who, then passes the word to the son of a sufficiently intelligent and sensible form: ' ' Place not to the woman, but to a pretty young woman is the girl yielding.