Return Materials

April 26, 2011


Comments Off on Return Materials

Output volume and value of recyclable materials shall be installed in the design and construction documents for facilities repair and reconstruction on the basis of the norms of output materials and products. From the total output should be allocated to materials and products that should be recycled at this facility. During the dismantling of structures and facilities of a special commission consisting of representatives of the customer, contractor and the project organization (major repairs and reconstruction), with logistical decision-makers to make technical examination of the object specified amount of output of materials and products under the design-budget documentation. Upon completion of disassembly, an instrument of arbitrary shape, which includes the name of the material obtained from the dismantling and suitable for re- use, their quantity, the percentage of life, the assessed value. Act is signed by members of the commission. On the basis of the act shall be made in the prescribed manner appropriate changes to construction documents (Reconstruction and major repairs) and shall be repayable statement amounts to the customer. Estimating the cost of return of materials produced at a cost of similar material in the prices in force at the time of evaluation, adjusted for the percentage of wear of materials. Allocation of value added tax on such materials are not produced.

Submissions from disassembly (hereinafter – the return materials) are the property of customer – fixed assets and accounts to its balance (unless otherwise provided under the Contract) for the appraised value of reflection on the debit account 10 "Materials" sub-8 "Building Materials", in correspondence with the credit account 98 "Deferred revenue". According to the instructions on the reuse of products, equipment and materials (VSN 39-83 (p)) and the Regulations on Procedure of dismantling buildings and structures, implementation of building designs and materials, and assignment of costs for construction projects and facilities which are continuation of the construction in accordance with developed industry and regional efforts to reduce of uncompleted construction in 2003-2005 found economically viable, approved by the Ministry of Architecture, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Economy of 21.07.2003 12/107/158, reusable considered materials and products derived from the dismantling of structures and the dismantling of engineering equipment and used again, including after their recovery or recycling, facilities repair and construction, as well as sold to the public or recyclable as a secondary raw material. The expediency of re-use of materials at the sites of repair and construction by others on the basis of feasibility study (taking into account the cost of restoration and adaptation). If the materials, products resulting from dismantling are subject to repeated use at the facility, after bringing them in suitable condition, they are equal to materials of the customer and should not debit the contractor for balance sheet accounts. These materials are considered a contractor for off-balance account 003 "Materials accepted for processing, regardless of method of transmission of the customer (Either under the act during the survey, either by registration bill to transfer the values of Th-2 while preserving the property rights of the customer) and are not included in the volume of work performed for taxation. Cost return the materials included in the contractor only the amount of work performed for statistical reporting.