Requiem For A Dream

February 21, 2018


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At the beginning of the XXI century the world faced with the problem, not new, but constantly growing – the drug problem. These chemicals, which for many are replaced by happiness and even life, was devoted to the many books and films. One of the most outstanding masterpieces of cinema, showing that such drugs are and what they produce – a film by American director Darren Aronofsky 'Requiem for a Dream. " First of all, the film tells not only about the dangers of drugs, but about the extremely dangerous effects on society relationships in general. Depending not only on chemicals, but also from such things as television and even the food.

Any interest which are given to the extreme, can become dangerous – shows us the film 'Requiem for a Dream. " Each character of the film depend on its own, Harry and his friend from drugs and unfulfilled dreams about money, Harry's mother – the desire to become famous and to love for delicious food, the girl Harry – from dream to become independent. All these dreams are broken from the fact that the characters are wrong ways to implement them. This way, knowingly false, – drugs. But they can not understand this: Sarah Goldfarb, Harry's mother, not even a suspicion that a drug for weight loss, drawn to her doctor, there is a real drug, amphetamine. Characters of the film step by step, kill the ability to realize their aspirations and at the same time sure that they are getting closer and closer to the realization of dream, when in fact they just wallow in their own illusions, their delays artificially created their minds have gone astray a world where their dreams can only play Requiem. The denouement is approaching, they are far from a dream, but the way back from the world of illusions and impossible dreams do not – they originally went on the wrong track, which led them to a complete collapse. The fact that the true value tampered with short-term pleasures, and is the main heroes of the tragedy of 'Requiem for a Dream', the tragedy of irreversible due to the fact that the heroes themselves are no longer able to look objectively at what is happening. For more information see Southwest Airlines. Do not give dependencies take precedence over other, Darren Aronofsky tells us in his film, because the price it all: true happiness, dreams and lives.