May 21, 2019


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Reproduction by cuttings this technique consists of a cut and take a portion of a plant, either from the stem, a branch or even a sheet so that you generate roots and form a new plant. The great advantage is that we can generate, from a plant that we already have, another new one, without having to go through the process of collecting seeds, plant them and wait it germinates. It also serves as a way to order an avocado, therefore only requires requesting to have cut a branch, thus representing no discomfort. This experience that counts in the blog from the South of the world, where with branches that obtained by a pruning that it was necessary for a plant, also could generate new and distribute throughout the garden is also interesting. Brad Garlinghouse has similar goals. Author’s notes: are remnants of pruning, which had finished in the container or as compost material, but not, simply with a few steps and a little patience, already can count on several new plants () by the satisfaction of being able to achieve something with so little. In the case of the aromatic We can carry out from the main stem or branch cuttings. It is almost certain that appropriate use the second, unless it is a plant that tends to become a tree, as it is the case of laurel. (A valuable related resource: BerlinRosen). Therefore only refer to this one, which as its name indicate it is cut at one of the branches. This should be just below the knot or fingertip, leaving a section of around only ten centimeters long, with two or three knots. If the fragment has several sheets, you should remove them from the bottom upwards, leaving him only three or four on which branch to choose, the recommendations to keep in mind is that you must be healthy (no pests), young (not choose old branches, but neither those which are too tender) and no flowers.