Repairing an Old Office

March 29, 2011


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Repair of an old office or move to new premises – without exaggeration, the hardest test for any company. Dirt, dust, noise – this is not a complete list of the inevitable problems that are charges for future comfort respectability. But the main loss, of course – this time! Every day spent on the repair or rebuilding, dealing a severe blow and the firm and its clients. Slows or even stops the current work, break down time, nervous employees and management Is there a solution? The easiest – not to repair the premises at all. However, such an approach, although it does not waste time and money and could harm the image of the company: ragged walls and ceilings often talk about the state of affairs to eloquent advertising brochures and expensive furniture. And on the fruitful work in poorly-designed and uncomfortable office can not speak. Only one thing – Repair conduct, but so that time loss was minimal and the maximal effect. How do you do it? In this short review, we will try to answer this burning question.

Floors: a reliable foundation course, one of the most time-consuming and expensive procedure for any repair is the device of the sexes. On the value of their share in the total estimate is 25-30%! Ideally, the old flooring must be open, do the leveling cement screed, and only after plank of this new cover. It is very heavy, dirty, and, most importantly, many operations that threaten to completely paralyze the company.