Renovation Measures

July 21, 2014


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KfW promotes the renovation of the energy-related modernisation of buildings with individual measures in the form of grants and loans-a worthwhile investment often I experience that homeowners who want to optimize their building energetically shy away from the high costs and expenses. While KfW to a very large extent and with great commitment supports the energy-related modernisation of buildings for private individuals, however, the high levels of investment are a very high hurdle for the occupiers. The energy consultants recommend the alternative to the implementation of individual remedial measures so homeowners. These include, for example, the insulation of the roof, the restoration of window plants or applying a thermal insulation system on exterior walls. Also the equipment in the form of renovation of heating systems as a single measure is feasible and possible. Because the costs of individual measures substantially less than the total renovation property owners often opt for these measures.

The energy consultants However recommends for the optimisation and implementation of individual measures to have the whole building at a glance. An entire restructuring is important in connection with the rehabilitation of individual measures. It is fatal as individual measures to implement remedial measures and to determine later that the reorganisation measure may be in wrong order was carried out and thus the first carried out rehabilitation measure with great effort must be adjusted for further renovations or may be a completely new renovation of a preferred single reorganisation measure must be carried out. A self-contained and sophisticated rehabilitation system with the drawing up of the individual measures and their chronological order is essential when investing in the strengthening of the real estate. An energy consultant supports and accompanies the homeowners for projects from the outset. He prepares construction schedules and controls the timing and correct order of individual remedial measures. For example, A basement ceiling insulation costs about 2,000 with a living area of approx.