Recital Theoretician

May 22, 2018


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At as a moment, an exposition of stretches of the romance will be made, through citations that portray spaces chosen e, later, the analysis of the data. Finally, the final consideraes are presented. 2. Recital Theoretician As theoretical basement had been used some critics as REHEM, 2011; SIMES, 2006, which follows to the thematic one of atrelada literature to the tourism. Of this form the historical understanding of the amadiana workmanship studied here becomes necessary cultural, considering the city of Ilhus focus of tourist attraction.

In this perspective literature problematiza subjects as the given redimenso the imagticas representations in the romance Gabriela, Cravo and Canela. Literature allows in to identify them estereotipadas characteristics of the Gabriela personage, this arqutipo of the local tourism with image widely explored, but also inserted in the tourist market of the Bahia, promoting the perenidade of the ficcional production of Loved Jorge. The existing interrelation between literature and tourism is presented as a dichotomy that contributes so that it has a bigger valuation of the culture front to the preset market. For analysis and identification of the images represented in the romance object of this research, they had been selected theoreticians ISER, 1996 and RASP, 1986. These argue the characteristics of documentary and the ficcional, clarifying fictitious and the imaginary one.

Thus the authors show concepts under different aspects, by means of examples of practical the literary one. The dinamicidade of regional literature is noticed then front the universal subjects, therefore we will portray the workmanship Gabriela, Cravo and Canela for the bias of literature, of the imaginary one, beyond the cultural tourism. The authors still designate, in this study, the sprouting of the literary expression marked by the ficcional veto, that is associated with literature as figure of petition of the words, that is, the ficcional serve as favorable concept to another thing.