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March 13, 2018


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Initial index selection agency – his term functioning of the market of real estate services. The main mistake many people – to think that the longer the operation, the more reliable agency. Bankruptcy of a corporation is not depends on its age. Add to your understanding with Larry Ellison. Cheating hidden from the client by the Commission in high esteem firms too frequent. From mistakes and punctures not insured company of any age.

Advertising – the following error. Almost everyone assumes if advertising volume and bright, then the organization a solid and reliable. The third key feature for many – is membership in various associations and guilds. The Russian Federation is the Russian Guild of Realtors. Known in these strong professional communities laws are more serious, in contrast to the current legislation.

Here operates an unspoken code of ethics. Every citizen can apply to these communities with a complaint against one or another real estate companies. This is ideally what is used in reality. In the city of Sochi is the so-called Sochi Association of Realtors. Any information about its work on professional principles, for its members not exactly exists. Pops the question why, and how to set up this association. Of course, when the future contracting agency sees it on business cards realtor inscription "Sochi Association of Realtors, then unconsciously starts over trust the realtor. Fires Act authority. It often happens when the client weakened control over the work of a realtor, overly trusting it. And bethink only when the actual price of a flat surfaced, which paid by the buyer. It turns out that firms which have membership in these teams, a hidden commission. That's why buyers raises the question of confidence to the members of such organizations, because they were created for quality control service the brands that work on the real estate market. In rgr aware of complaints and recognize the presence of the problem. All this leaves the question of the reliability of large real estate agencies open. Small firms operating in the market Real estate is not profitable to cheat customers and provide substandard services. Since they do not use expensive advertising work on the recommendations – their main source of customers. And that leads to that corporation must be regularly within the strict limits of its competence. Just in these organizations quite well-developed human factor, which was built on moral sentiments to visitors. Only one sign reliability of the agency's diverse real estate market is very important partner – honest to him the location. It is this quality must be central to the work of companies that are focused on a long productive work.