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April 16, 2020


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I think the importance of quality services for the agency to disclose the status of no further costs and you can go to a less exalted but no less serious problems. First and foremost is the problem of finding staff, namely agents. Paradoxically: in Moscow (where the market long repartition between a limited number of large companies) in order to get to work in Agency real estate, you need to pass the competition, and sometimes get special education in the region, many companies recruit agents literally "the street", which automatically leads to the not always high competence of staff and a fairly high staff turnover. At the same time there are individuals who manage to change a few months up to a dozen agencies, do not forget to copy the database and then perform transaction "on the left." So start to fear the agency is not only dishonest customers, but fraud and its own staff. No less important point is to collect a database of buyers and sellers of apartments.

Actually with this and start the operation of any agency. The main sources of information for the database vendors are putting up callback for psevdochastnuyu. In fact, with this posting and the majority of new starts agency to create its database. Technique posting is very simple: by hand (or computer) written text of the type "p usskaya family buys (lift) apartment in this house. Urgent. Without intermediaries.

Phone "- and on all unstuck entrances in the area. It now remains to remove calls and sellers enter into a database. Given that the sales of apartments, usually a percentage of the services is not taken, then virtually all "who were taken to putting up" agree leave your information in the agency. But buyers of "caught" is already on advertising. To find them in the newspapers placed quote from the best positions on the collected database. The absence of such a position the agency as a rule, do not stop and in the newspapers posted the so-called "phantom" – non-existent apartment with attractively low price. The main thing – to catch the buyer, and there is a trick: ring up all the other agencies, to find a similar flat rate in half and divide between the agencies. And the fact that the apartment at the time of customer's call at the agency is not explained simply – already sold. And finally, on the very pleasant – the possible gains. Count them simple – a standard measure of a commission, which take for their service real estate agency – 5-6% of the cost of purchased housing. The most driving positions are traditionally cheap Dormitory and studio apartments. The cost of their fairly predictable, and hence the potential gain from the transaction is clear. The question is: how many apartments you have to sell each month to cover the costs of office and, most importantly, advertising? Assume you gentlemen entrepreneurs!