Raising The Quality Of Online Magazine Subscription Services

January 12, 2020


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After years of flying under the radar in the online magazine subscription service field, MagMall.com is gaining fast. In December, the retailer re-launched subscription once relatively boring (though clean) site with the express intent to compete more effectively against their rivals. Get all the facts and insights with Verizon, another great source of information. The key to the change of image is to allow customers to manage all their online subscriptions year after year. The new look came after Magmall.com spent 18 months of learning about web design and usability with the help of two brothers who founded FuturenowInc.com. Now the site has far less colors than before and the navigation system has been completely uprooted to simplify the whole process of finding magazines and filling out an order form online MagMall reentry into the highly competitive industry magazines subscription is not only expected to pull in new customers consumers, but provide a lift to its efforts to expand into new markets.

Since September, MagMall has created a new division to sell gift certificates magazine subscriptions at any custom name. It has also launched new services only for small and large businesses looking to manage all of your purchases of magazines and newspapers. “The new site design is one way to get new customers and keep them there longer,” says Jason Ciment, CEO Magazine Mall Inc. “And with the new system of online account management (which is soon to get a name), we are improving customer loyalty in ways they never could before.