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December 27, 2013


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An unconditional aid for specific moments today, quick loans have managed to adapt to the current market demands, which are: comfort simplicity quickly therefore are having so much success in Spain, although he also collaborated to this success, the economic crisis and especially the restrictions of credit by banks. The Federation of independent consumer users (PHUTHI) hosted an increase of daily consultations related to the contracting of loans faster. The Federation added that those seeking more this product are of level means needing to deal with a serious payment and also have a very fragile economy, as immigrants. The truth is that there are certain moments in which any person may have the need to resort to a quick loan without paperwork: A preview essential to meet a need (payment of electricity, gas, fault). To take advantage of a specific offer (anticipating a purchase for which immediate money is not available). An unforeseen medical expenses there are many reasons for which you can apply for a fast credit and that gives us the advantages of knowing that we always go to this small advancement to address any unforeseen (dentist, holiday offer, unpaid bills, unplanned special costs, gift or whim that we don’t want to resist us). Knowing that there is always the possibility of having a small amount go in case of need provides that a tranquility in our daily life and allows us a quality of life with a small economic contribution that pull at any time.

Both banks and boxes do not provide a solution adapted to the current needs of the market and therefore these companies that are dedicated to rapid credit have significantly increased its client portfolio. Just need to make sure that these companies granted loans to the consumption of small amounts are properly legislated and respect all laws in force concerning the consumer credit. With CREDITOMOVIL.ES, you can choose Spanish brand of financial holding Ferratum Group, loans of small amounts without having to deal with any paperwork. For quantities between 50 euros for an unexpected commitment, up to 300 euros for an unforeseen event in the home, and can access this loan to the consumption of small amounts without collateral only within 10 minutes. You have 21 years and not be in any Spanish default file, are the only essential requirements to have immediate liquidity and meet that small need that arises we and do not want to resign or that we do not wish to wait beyond 15 days. More information at: customer service phone: 902052383 E-mail: Web: on Creditomovil Creditomovil of group Ferratum is a Finnish financial dedicated to granting loans of small amounts. Present in 15 countries in Europe, group Ferratum is a leader in the sector offering to the market one operating fast, effective and transparent as a solution to problems of immediate liquidity. With loans of small amounts ranging from 50 euros to 300 euros and returned in a period of 15 days, Creditomovil offers an immediate solution since the income into the account of customers can be effective in less than ten minutes. The process to formalize these loans is exempt from any kind of paperwork that the requests are made through the website or by SMS, sending a text message to the 27227.