Question Of Bruges

July 20, 2020


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Is which the place with more witches in Europe? Because if we look at medieval studies on cases of witchcraft tried in different courts of the Inquisition in the different countries we find that where had more was in England and the Scandinavian countries. It seems that witches there exist even under balconies, since it was an obsession, with more than 60,000 courts cases, most of them finishes in judgments. Interestingly, in Spain only 6 processes throughout history, long and cruel, of the Inquisition, which gives a dimension of the obsession of the Northmen by this sort of thing. It is indeed surprise that there is as much difference between one and the other, rather than nothing because there are no reasons beyond the light, the Sun and little more to these as clear differences. Whatever it is, it is something worthy of study and that everyone can draw their own conclusions. Serious error, possible withdrawal of tobacco: are there are reasons to support the general strike ATTAC Spain Debunking Dragonfly de la Luz on Prop 19 debate The NORML Stash Blog 100 Dolly Bills already ll Picture Is Unrelated WTF Pictures and Videos Listen To This: Shake already Ass!