Quality Customer Service

March 18, 2018


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almato CallCenterWorld Tubingen, 09 February 2011 developed by quality customer service demonstrates a variety of solutions on the is becoming a significant competitive factor, because the market success depends on companies, how well they adjust to the needs of different customer groups. The understanding of quality has become a comprehensive philosophy of the pure function in the production. Only companies can be permanently successful who have embraced this philosophy off therefore presents the almato GmbH in the context of the CallCenterWorld in Berlin on February 22 to 24 different solutions in the fields of quality monitoring and coaching, performance management, e-learning, reporting and analytics. The experts come from Tubingen are interested visitors at stand B7 in Hall 4 to answering all questions around the topic of quality customer service available. You indicate, as this can be measured, improved, and secured by a combination of processes and software. Central theme at CallCenterWorld is the ever-increasing expectations of consumers face the customer service of the company”, explains Thomas Geiling, quickly fobbed off Marketing Director who almato GmbH. is important, that the companies recognize that customer service quality does not mean to get the customer back as fast as possible from the line, and caller.

The diagram F”has had its day in the customer service, because customers expect individuality and quality not only products, but also in the service. The company must respond to this development, and modern software can help them.” Since the topic quality covers various elements and perspectives presented almato on CallCenterWorld different solutions. To support the quality monitoring software Click2Coach”company to capture performance of the contact center at internal aspects and to evaluate. “The solution almato feedBACK”, however, is used by the customers an evaluation of Service experience to seek to get as an external perspective on the performance of the contact center. The software Envision Analytics”, in turn, supports the flexible reporting system that brings together user-defined information from different divisions.