April 11, 2018


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Aexecuo or the use of a lnguano affects in nothing its organizaosubjacente, that is, its deep structure. This tratado for Psychology as the lingustico performance, ouseja, the way for which each individual uses the linguistic suacompetncia. The desempenholingustico is a register problem, of estiloou of individual preferences. Ascontrovrsias, doubts and mysteries querondam the studies regarding the language of the aged one demonstrate that este a field that still needs to evolve very, but queest in frank growth and have characterized peloenfoque to interdisciplinar. Certainly, necessrio to advance still more to unmask acognio of the aged one. In the search for respostass its questions, the researcher that if occupies of this campodeve to turn itself toward the valuation of the aged one. Independent of the results to demonstrate declnios, habilidadespreservadas or superior, the inquiry must return with positive fruits for the citizens. Amedida that the agreement on the doidoso cognition advances, the position dospesquisadores starts to converge to the idea deck the studies must move in direction productive aatitudes, abandoning the simplesconstatao of declnios.

Of acordocom Birren; Deutchman (1991), is to necessriorealizar an intervention that makes possible when idosodesenvolver the understanding and avalorizao of self. The aged one, being in umestgio more advanced of the life, to necessitaencontrar the direction of its life for the world, to adapt aoenvelhecimento and to carry through positive choices for itself exactly. The propostadestes authors are the use of the narrativasauto-biographical ones, that they are source of pleasure for oidoso and at the same time they make possible its desenvolvimentopsicossocial. Wood (2000), in a study that investigated auto-eficciacognitiva and the memory of work in a program cognitivo detreinamento for aged, verified that the effect cognitiva dainterveno in aged sopromissores, being that they are of great importance apreveno and reabilitaode harmful consequences of envelhecimentosobre the quality of life. The language, being a factor that sofreinfluncia of possible cognitivos processes emdeclnio in the oldness, is aspect queno must be neglected cognitiva nainterveno of the aged one.