September 15, 2020


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– It seems not to have deep. I only tremble looks at it. – It, the abyss does not have exactly deep, however, we will jump it Prudentius friend. – There of me! if I to fall? – Not subject. It is grasped. – The one that has of the other side? – A ravine.

Of a jump. Fidiciary office reached the other side and obviously, Prudentius did not fall. The sight of both arises the Sun. – We go to penetrate friend there! – It seems the throat of a Faithful gigantic being. – Not subject. We go.

Fearful Prudentius thought about coming back. Fidiciary office heard that it warned, it that they could not more come back e, wanted very takes it until the end of the day. In this part of the way everything seemed calm. Until Prudentius to find all monotonous one. They were crossing a ravine and its behavior it was a nonsense in that unknown place. It warned it to fidiciary office that now, they already would not pass unpunishedly. In this instant, Prudentius perceived rocks rolling the right and the left following its to ride. a cold breeze took account of the ravine. Fidiciary office instructs to it for not importing itself with the rocks, but with ' ' breeze fria' ' , therefore this could knock down it. It was the hlito of the throat of the gigantic being where they were crossing! that is not satisfied for Prudentius offended it you without it knew. She one more time warned it to fidiciary office as to a boy who makes a prank and is unaware of the evil that made itself exactly. – I go to explain to it at great length. In the same way that other travellers, were dull: in this road everything is real. They do not exist ' ' impresses' ' in the direction that gave to it.