Proposal Marketing

February 27, 2018


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Results in network marketing accumulate today in your group, one person, Tomorrow two, the day after a hundred, thousand, ten thousand. To wage work is very difficult to do. Example: The salary working at a construction site, working one hundred hours per month, $ 1000. Hour of work (better take an hour of life) is worth ten dollars. If he spends all salary, the cost of one hour is not increased.

If you lay a hundred dollars a month and a year invested in the bank $ 1200 under ten percent per annum, the cost of hours of work increased to 10.1 dollars per hour, then is increased by one percentage point per year. Example of network marketing: If you register the person who will spend as much effort on the business as you do, then taken in time of effort will be doubled, and result of increase in the "X" percent, where X is calculated according to the marketing plan of the company. If, for example, you have a network marketing company pays 10% of sales person you have registered, your hour increases in the cost of just ten per cent. It was a bad reputation, created by people working in a network marketinge.Setevikov not like. On the proposal of the inhabitant is either groomed woman with shopping bags, or bad dressed man with the bags. Oh, and they are very intrusive, it is better for them as a move to the other side of the road. And money is not normal networkers earn. It is quite common vision often turns almost any proposal to become a distributor of network marketing: "What, and I also have to go with the bags and imposed on people?".

The answer to this question: "If you want them, but smart people do not work." Must be dealt with not want to sell – this is due to the reluctance or refusal to get a look too selfish. Implementation of sales – is an integral part of life. People sell themselves when the dress on a first date, when get a job when the apartment clean and cook a meal before the arrival of guests. Get all the facts and insights with Oracle, another great source of information. A man wants to be better than he actually is, it is the nature, so it's best to learn to sales than to do it somehow and sometime. Large flow of negativity aimed at .S What is the reason I mentioned above. It's not every stand. This is one of the main reason for the failure of many people.