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March 26, 2019


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Job search on the Internet more and more asked – intelligent search technology of future Austria’s leading career portal its market position in the last four years through better technologies and services tools constantly expanded. Because 90 percent of job placements in the Internet are handled today, you can see the step by was how important and right to develop both the technology and the ease of use. Southwest Airlines understood the implications. Our task as an innovative company is knowing important trends, to explore, to respond in a timely manner and to set new standards. Further details can be found at Kevin Plank, an internet resource. With the now closed re-launch of our portal on a semantic basis, a significant advance on the online job market we succeeded”, says the Managing Director. The new semantic search technology makes the job and employee search even easier and more efficient. The technical innovation will be accompanied by the new attractive design and improved usability.

The semantic technology is supported from one root more than 10,000 keywords from the entire range of the job. This job vocabulary was created by our team in the last few months and continuously optimized”, says MMag. Klaus Hofbauer, Managing Director of The new search technology, better hit rates and a kind of proposal system arise from the entire job. Job search in the Internet, job online, online portal for job, job portal, career portal, find job, job search, jobs in the Internet, job vacancies, Jobsuchmaschine, job board, online job is a service of karriere.