Process Traders

February 21, 2018


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We come to work on time. We are in to take children out of school. We disburse during the account. Indeed, there is nothing complex here. But for some traders to maintain self-control is very big deal, though other players are not worth any effort. During one of the workshops I conducted a small survey, which showed that approximately 40% of my students have difficulty with self-control. Such traders during the often experience stress, frustration, fall into a state of frustration and usually, they are characterized by poor risk management.

For those traders who can not maintain self-control, discipline – a big problem. Why do traders have problems with self-control? Why do not they complied with its own self-trading plans and rules? Constant risk and uncertainty of markets – is one explanation of the problem. If the outcome of transactions market was defined, I think almost anybody would have had no problems with discipline. If we knew that a stock XYZ will increase by 20 points in three months, then there would be nothing easier like to buy 100 shares, wait three months and sell them to profit. But as a rule, trading is not so simple. Circumstances often change.

We can never be sure what will happen tomorrow, and if we aspire to be specific, we want to stand firm on his feet firmly soil, it takes us out of ourselves, we feel anxiety start to act impulsively. We close our positions and move away from efficient trading plans. When we go to market, we do not earn a penny, but we do not risk lose money. The desire for security and the fear of uncertainty causes us to close out positions. In most spheres of our life rules are clearly defined and easy to follow. For example, if you are traveling on route with a clear day when there is no rain, and going a certain speed, then you will get from point A to point B over time without any problems. However, trade in the market like driving a car in extreme conditions, when the weather and the situation on the track is constantly changing. Today, the road might be wet, so you need to go slower. The next day she can become covered with ice, and drive will have to be careful. You constantly must change its approach to the process that your work was safe. Trade in markets, moreover, recalls driving blind, blindfolded. Therefore it is very easy to understand why so many traders are away from their trading plans. Markets are uncertain in nature, history repeats itself, only when it is repeated. In most cases this does not happen, only very experienced traders can say with some confidence when history will repeat itself. When you are working on the unpredictable markets, you're just doomed to feel uneasy. Market information is imperfect, you are imperfect, no crystal ball no one can say exactly what will happen next. It is important that you learn to accept uncertainty in markets for granted, and retain control.