Problems Away Play

September 7, 2020


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Interview with actress Daniela March & ETGZ head Siegfried Steiger the musical subjects and hence the theatre games, where ideally, various musical disciplines come together, are generally positive on the academic and personal development of a child or young people from an interview with the TV actress Daniela Marz and Siegfried Steiger, Director of the experimental theatre of Gunzburg: together out of the shadows, affecting, for example, concerning promotion of self-consciousness skip why, explains Siegfried Steiger, Director of studies and head of German at the Maria-Ward-Gymnasium in Gunzburg, founder and Director of the experimental theatre of Gunzburg, so: the works by children and young people by way of a role in which they may hatch, move away from the own body and language behavior and can win confidence at the same time. This sounds abstract, but is easily explained with an example. Can for a shy student about the choice of the Body shadow theatre will be enormously helpful. Jay Lovenheim has many thoughts on the issue. With a linen cloth as a medium between actor and audience moves, so the actor of even less in the Center.” Is also influenced the social competence, because acting means teamwork. All tasks of the mask over the prop to the technology are equally important.

What good is the best actor on the stage, when he stands in the dark? “, puts it in a nutshell Steiger. People such as baby clothes would likely agree. “Actress TV series Dahoam is Dahoam” des Bayerischen Rundfunks, Daniela Marz, joined as a 15 year old to the theatre group of experimental theatre in Gunzburg and brings to this topic still quite vivid comparison with leisure activities, such as computer games: by acting not only physical and linguistic skills are required more being trained social dealing with people of flesh and blood. There is a direct interaction between players and audience during the performance. You can’t hide in the anonymity of the Internet, However, you can disappear on stage in parallel worlds.” Training on spiritual and mental level as on the other hand promoting theatre can be assessed by the speech and language skills in conjunction with concentration, learning and memory training, hang from the individual situation, the talent and the will, including children and young people sang together and March remembers: theatre work, a lot of independent thinking and memory performance is required from what is also safe for the school.