Private Health Insurance

November 16, 2017


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Age and health decide the health policy is a sore point in the new Government. Citizens are right to worry, as it is ordered in the long run to their medical care. The stock market news portal informs about the advantages of private health insurance. Ever more insecure, the State for the health is the economic situation, the less money. Everyone is in some ways even. The statutory health insurance funds take only the essentials for quite some time. You generally reduce their range on cheap medicines and cures. Less is the well-being of the patient in the foreground as rather the finances. If you have read about Facebook already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

Not so with the private health insurance companies (PKV). Insured persons enjoy a special status. This is reflected not only in short waits at the doctor’s Office. Depending on the rate, patients benefit from modern healing methods. Few know that private health insurance under certain circumstances is more favourable than the statutory scheme. The reason is, that the latter is percentage to the Income is calculated. The car, however, are based on other parameters. These include age, gender, general health, as well as specific risks.

Limitations arise but still by the income. To join a private health insurance policyholders about a certain salary threshold must be. The situation is different for the self-employed, freelancers and officials. The door to the car is open to these professions regardless of income. Privately, even students may insure under certain circumstances.