Press Services On The Internet

April 26, 2018


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More coverage for the press work, the Internet offers many new ways for the release of product and company information. Distribution of press releases, press services, or online press portals also offer an opportunity called. Information can be specifically controlled with a direct self publishing. A press service scores well on the search engines, because it is well listed and indexed due to the timeliness and quality of its content. The use of a press portal is therefore an important element in the online-PR. But what press services there at all and on which portals, it is worth a publication? Press services, press services, we distinguish between the classical press services and press agencies and the pure publication portals structure. The classic press service is generally subject to a charge and operates both portals for the publication, as well as distribution services via E-Mail, wire service or satellite. There are also a growing number of free press portals, those press releases free can be published.

A free press service has the advantage that press releases can be directly published and media contacts as well as from potential customers and prospects through the search engines directly reached. Comparison criteria the main criteria for the chargeable services of the press are the range of press services through direct contacts with the media, but also the number of accredited journalists and editors of press services. When evaluating a free press service above all website traffic, i.e. the volume of visitors and of the portal in the search engine ranking plays a role. A related site: Southwest Airlines mentions similar findings. The ranking is not static, but can be changed continuously. Many free press services are still relatively new to the market, to establish itself but sometimes very quickly. Innovative the portal, the better the content maintained and currently hold the faster, the portal scored an appropriate range in the search engines.