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April 7, 2020


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Mandatory audit: an opportunity paramejorar your prevention system. Some companies have the obligation to periodically submit its system on prevention of labour risks (SPRL) to audit, which must comply with a specific content, methodology and respecting deadlines. Do you know safely if your company must undergo an audit and what deadlines must do? This external evaluation aims to verify the proper operation of the SPRL and analyze faults to correct them and thus avoid situations which could lead to accidents. Learn the key points of the obligatorias(que empresas tienen obligacion de realizar_la, en que plazos, a quien se puede contratar, etc.) audits, as well as aspects and documentation that the auditor will verify during appraisal. Do you want to receive this article? Subscribe now PractiLetter risk prevention LABORALESy receive tomorrow same issue of this month. Furthermore, for which check what PractiLetter You can do for your company 15 days of subscription are proof.

The heart attack suffered in a locker room of the Center is working.All accidents that occur during the time and in the workplace are considered labor. But what happens in the event that one of its workers suffered a heart attack in the locker room of the company?, does the time in which the worker is in this precinct is also considered working time? While the costumes can be considered in principle as a workplace, the Supreme Court has reminded that in this type of accident, the time at which the event occurs is key to determine the job nature of the same. In addition, it determines that the fact that the worker present risk factors prior to suffer this type of injury does not cancel the job nature of the event. Subscribe now to PractiLetter prevention of labour risks and receive the issue of this month tomorrow. In addition, to have it check what PractiLetter can do for your company the first 15 days of subscription are proof. To continue reading, click here.